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Our School

Columbus Intermediate School serves the needs of students living in the Bedford and Bedford Heights communities. We are a three- to five-grade building. We provide the bridge between the primary school and middle school experience. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students are challenged each day to reach their full potential.

Our Mission:

Columbus Intermediate School is “Creating a Culture of Excellence”.


We believe that the role of our school is to demonstrate a commitment to the following goals:

•    Develop rigorous academic skills in reading, writing, math, citizenship and scientific discovery that prepares children to be lifelong learners

•    Foster a positive attitude toward learning and our school community by infusing the “Respect: a Right and a Responsibility” motto.

•    Set high expectations for each child and to promote self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive acceptance of oneself.

•    Promote positive interpersonal relationships among students, emphasizing manners, respect and consideration of others.

•    Develop an awareness of the similarities among people and the acceptance of the differences in their cultures.

•    Foster an appreciation of the fine arts and the cultural heritage of our world.

•    Develop an awareness of healthy bodies and physical fitness as an aspect to the whole person.

•    Encourage a cooperative relationship with parents by keeping an open line of communication regarding the child’s academic, social and emotional progress while encouraging involvement in school activities.

•    Encourage an open line of communication with community leaders and other active community members.